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Ready to launch

It’s been a minute. And by “a minute,” I mean well over a year. It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted to this blog since January of 2021.

I’m sure it seemed like I’d disappeared, moved away, or otherwise given up on this ministry of street blessings. Instead, I was writing a book.

I’m thrilled to announce that Ask Me for Blessing (You Know You Need One) will be published this September 20th! It’s a mishmash of memoir, blog posts, bits of sermons, and spiritual musings all aimed at unpacking the word “blessing.” Publishers Weekly describes it as “a touching Christian variation on Humans of New York, with humanity and insight to spare.” Needless to say, I’m psyched. And I’m now ready to get back to writing about new experiences and encounters on the sidewalk. Such as the time someone rolled their eyes during a prayer. Or when a man approached me with the words, “Why does everyone want to have sex with me?” This ministry is full of surprises, just like God’s grace. So, more to come. And if you happen to be in NYC on October 12, you are warmly invited to my book launch event!

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